3 Easy Marketing Psychology Hacks

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3 Easy Marketing Psychology Hacks

Human behavior is one of the most important factors in marketing.

That’s why having some understanding of psychology can give your business a substantial edge over your competitors.

Here are some Pro Tips for Psychology Hacks from the Marketing experts at Axel & Associates…

3 Marketing Tips To Set Your Business Up For Success.

Pro Tip #1: Embrace your mistakes

It may seem counterintuitive, but you can actually make your brand more human and relatable by talking about previous mistakes — and how your learned from them. At the end of the day, everyone one knows that nobody is perfect. In fact, appearing too perfect can seem unrealistic and actually turn some people off in today’s era of hyper-authenticity. Instead, try using well-chosen mistakes as case studies to help your experience learn something in a way that actually builds your brand authority.

  • Bonus tip: Don’t over do it. You don’t want to seem like you make too many mistakes either!

Pro Tip #2: Prime your audience for success

The things we see right before reading content that is meant to promote a product or service can be very impactful on our final choices, even before we see the details! This is a “priming” effect that unconsciously makes certain associations with important keywords, phrases, or ideas in advance, which drift to the back of our mind and subtly filter our expectations when we read the main content we’re going for. This can be expertly used in landing pages and other areas of a website.

With this in mind, take another look at your user journey, especially right before your main selling points and Calls To Action (CTAs). Then try to insert helpful suggestions with emotive tones and strategic images to prime your audience before they even get to the main selling points!

Pro Tip #3: Refresh and repackage your “greatest hits”

Your old content can often get more hits from steady web traffic than new content. To piggyback off this trend, it’s a good idea to regularly switch up the titles to your older original content, like blog posts and ads. Even if the bulk of the content is mostly the same, repackaging it with some new wording and graphics can generate some fresh interest from people who weren’t interested in the previous wording and simply became blind to it over time.

  • Bonus Tip: don’t change the URL! That hurts your page’s SEO effectiveness.

Stay tuned for more Online Marketing Pro Tips, tricks, hacks, and strategies from the specialists at Axel and Associates.

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