How to Market Your Business During COVID-19: Setting the Tone

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How to Market Your Business During COVID-19: Setting the Tone

It’s never been more important to know what you’re doing when marketing your business and to maximize your existing assets. 

With that in mind, here are three more expert tips rooted in Public Relations on how to market your business during COVID-19 from our Axel & Associates team of marketing specialists.

3 Public Relations Strategies During COVID-19

First, if you haven’t done so since the pandemic started, take the time to reassess all your current messaging and marketing. Look at every line of your website and any advertising with a fine tooth comb. Scrub anything that hasn’t aged well in the Covid era and rewrite it to be sensitive to current concerns. For example: stay away from imagery or wording that would now be hot-button (like hugging, handshakes, or large crowds) due to the prevalence of social distancing. 

Second: show your ties to the community and any way you have supported your community. Additionally, going forward you should discover ways to do this virtually during Covid. For example: offer creative, helpful, and occasionally fun new resources for those using your website for business purposes. This can include music playlists, downloadable puzzles for their kids at home, and links to local health resources. Clearly point out that these are related to Covid so that they do not seem off-base. 

Third: show that your workplace in itself is a community! You can do this by humanizing your brand with regular weekly “meet the team” spotlights or longtime client spotlights. This can be a recurring feature on your website that links to social media as well as any newsletters you may have. To help bring this to life, feel free to tell stories when relevant. Covid is a time when storytelling marketing is particularly effective and humanizing. You can also do this by recounting important moments in your company’s history that might have resonance now, like surviving adversity or making tough calls that showed your values. Bonus tip: when possible, try to use messaging that is catered locally! 

These will help your brand stand out in the Covid era and lay the groundwork for bringing in more loyal customers and clients after Covid. 

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