The Axel SEO Tips #7: Maximizing Content to Boost Your SEO

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The Axel SEO Tips #7: Maximizing Content to Boost Your SEO

Our team often says SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is like it’s own language. In truth, it’s also a mindset that SEO experts become fluent in applying in various ways.

There are several SEO methods that can make a big impact on how your website ranks online.

3 SEO Tips To Increase Visibility

Here are three tips and strategies from our Axel & Associates team of SEO specialists to help your business improve its search rankings in your local market. . .

First: Be generous with your content. A good rule of thumb to follow is from SEO experts is that, generally, the longer the content the better. On the one hand, this volume clearly boosts your SEO opportunities to include keywords, links, and discuss topics important to your field. However, readability and relevance do still matter too. So if you’re going for longer content, be sure your paragraphs aren’t too clunky. We recommend keeping most paragraphs for longer content capped at four sentences, which makes them easier to read through. We also recommend that you include some media, like images and video, to help visually space out your content and keep it engaging. Otherwise, readers will quickly lose interest and bounce right out of your website, and look elsewhere for more engaging and readable content.

Second: maximize how you use links. URLs/hyperlinks are a great tool for improving your SEO game. In addition to creating regular content, link to previous content you’ve released and to other segments of your website that relate to what you’re discussing. Another option is to include links to any media mentions you have received. Many mentions in media also link back to your website anyway, so it’s really double (or triple!) dipping in the link-building strategy. Remembering the old saying: “All roads lead to Rome.” A creative way to build more related links that trace back to your site is to make guest posts on other websites, like blogs or podcasts. This works similar to earned media and is very useful in improving your SEO results.

Third: don’t only link to yourself. Another important point to remember about links is that they aren’t just about bringing people to you. Including links to other sources that you’re not connected to can also help improve your own SEO, even if it seems counterintuitive at first. This is because search engines use their own internal metrics for assessing the quality and authority of a website, which in turn impacts its rankings. Therefore if you’re only linking to internal pages within your website and maybe a few other media or blog sites that themselves don’t get a whole lot of traffic, you will quickly plateau any SEO impact you’re hoping to generate. However, by adding links to some very reputable and recognizable sites that carry high SEO authority and are related to your business or content, this helps develop your own authority and legitimacy in the eyes of search engines and, therefore, also help your own ranking.

These tips should help get you thinking the right way about nuanced ways to improve your website’s SEO footing. Stay tuned for more tips, ideas, and strategies to help your business thrive online!

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