Axel Social Media Marketing Tips:

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Axel Social Media Marketing Tips:

Not all marketing on social media needs to strictly be done through ads. 

The way you post can also go a long way to market your brand — and build loyalty to it.

Here are three expert tips from our specialists at Axel & Associates to improve your business’s social media marketing!

3 Tips to Make Your Social Media Posts Engaging

Tip #1: Use plugins. This method to improve your social media performance isn’t even strictly on your pages, but it can make a big difference! Make sure that the original content you are creating (and already have up) on your website’s has easy and well-functioning social network plugins. These features allow your content to be easily shared on social media and will improve not only your web traffic but will also grow your audience and engagement on social media.

Tip #2: Be on the best social media platforms. It a good idea to assess or re-evaluate your current online presence and consider if you’re on the platforms best-suited to your business and brand. For example, if your brand is very visual, such as in a creative or entertainment field, make sure you are on image-oriented platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Also, Facebook, the largest social media platform by far, is a safe bet and you should definitely have an account there if you don’t already. 

Tip #3: Keep posting content. It’s essential to give your accounts depth and personality to add value for your audience and followers. That means to regular post content, not only on your social media, but also on your website (with plugins! Remember Tip #1). Creative and original content that goes beyond flash sales or your company’s new services will directly contribute to your brand growth and visibility in all platforms. You can spotlight things that make your brand different like fun facts, staff spotlights, or humanizing insights into your team’s office culture. However, not ever post you make needs to be original content. You can also mix things up by sharing relevant content that might be of interest to your followers. In general, be sure to keep a steady (and scheduled) stream of content going so that you are posting multiple times a week and watch for responses. 

Bonus tip: As you implement these tips, remember to track the data so that your social media specialists can crunch those figures and report back with suggestions on how to improve. These will help guide your broader social media strategy and align with your team’s goals for online growth.

Stay tuned for more free tips and tricks from our social media experts at Axel & Associates! 

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