How To Run Paid Social Ads

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How To Run Paid Social Ads

When it comes to budget-friendly ways to easily reach large audiences, social media marketing is your best friend.

Here are three pro tips from the Axel & Associates team to market effectively on social media with paid social ads. 

3 Tips To Run Social Media Ads

First, pay for ads — and target wisely. If you haven’t paid for ads on social media yet, we strong it advice you begin doing so. More people are online than ever before and many are looking for distractions. Bonus tip: Running effective ads also means you need to know your audience. Take some time to draft. 

Second: Experiment. If you’re running your own social ad campaign, one easy way to learn what works and what doesn’t is to change your ad’s parameters. Because ads on social media are very affordable you can, for example, take a total budget of $100 and run 4-5 ads for $20-25 each for a week using different parameters, imagery, and language to see what works best. You can also try boosting individual Facebook posts in addition to running freestanding ads and use that as yet another way to reach people.

Third: When creating your ads, prioritize engagement. Getting likes, comments, and shares is the golden trifecta of using social media to get visibility that is of the highest quality. This is also structured in a more longterm way as it directs people to be looped into your page/account, meaning they’ll be seeing more of your future content and not just become a one-off statistic. The ultimate goal here for all social media marketing should go beyond any flash sale and instead be focused on building an engaged audience, which in turn leads to loyal repeat customers. 

These three tips are a good place to get started as you and your team strategize on the best way to market your business on social media. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from our social media experts at Axel & Associates! 

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