Axel Web Design 101:

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Axel Web Design 101:

Whether you’re planning on launching a new website or refreshing your existing one, it’s always helpful to refresh your knowledge on the basics. 

At a time when having a strong website has never been more essential, here’s another Web Design 101 crash course of tips for beginners from the website specialists at Axel & Associates. . . 

3 Web Design Tips For Beginners

First: Cater to your clients. Every part of your website needs to be filtered and assessed from this first criteria. We recommend asking yourself these questions as you assess your site and how it can be most effective: What are your ideal clients/customers looking for? What can you offer them that gives your business an edge on other websites? 

Second: Have a consistent visual theme. As you craft your visual theme, be sure to align it with your core band. Think of your logo colors, any slogans, company history, and the services your brand offers. These are some great areas to draw from and nod to when designing or redesigning your website. Also be sure that every section of your website is consistent with that theme, every page should flow cohesively and carry these themes. 

Third: Make everything easier for the user. User experience is absolutely crucial to having an effective website and even factors into your SEO rankings. There are several ways to improve the user experience, including making your pages load quickly and have large buttons that are easy to find, especially for important action items like “buy” or “contact.” Bonus tip: make sure to troubleshoot every feature before launching your website. Get some friends you trust who have a good eye for detail and ask them to take some time to explore the site and make sure everything works as it should and is as easy as possible. All their feedback is going to be important to note like a fresh take from someone that is not directly on your team.

Stay tuned for more web design tips and tricks from the Axle & Associates team!

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