Three Website Essentials

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Three Website Essentials

If you’re running a business you likely have a website out of necessity. That means you probably didn’t sit down and take web development courses and instead have had to lean on the knowledge of web builders.

That’s the case with most people, which is why they end up with websites that are often full of blind spots and are severely underperforming at bringing in online revenue.

That’s where we come in. Here are some more free Web Design Basics from our team of specialists at Axel & Associates designed to elevate your website to the next level. . .

3 Web Design Tips

First, let’s recap the previous essentials. Your website likely already has a homepage. Your homepage should lay the foundation for the rest of your website visually with its layout and use the branding (color, logo, font types, imagery, and so on) and make it as easy to navigate as possible in terms of helping the viewer find what they need. In general, try to keep your homepage simple. Beyond that, we’ve also discussed in previous blogs the importance of making sure your website has these pages: an About Us page, FAQs page, and a Contact Us page.

Second: have an an online shop. While this obviously applies to businesses that sell products, that doesn’t mean that service-oriented business should skip having an online shop made. There’s a unique option for selling services online that has been increasing in popularity since the onset of Covid: productizing services. A productized service is essentially a service that is packaged and sold in a similar way to a product, with a set rate and focused parameters. While there are benefits to flexibility, this is a creative option that, at the right price-point, takes out the guesswork for clients and helps expedite their taking advantage of what you have to offer. This is especially effective for niche markets and micro-targeted audiences. It also allows for simplified purchase options, including single-click.

While having an online store isn’t necessary for all businesses, it is a tremendous asset to your website and online revenue as each listing also presents SEO opportunities to get your website — and businesses — crucial online visibility with the right audiences. Also, when setting up an online store, make sure to use experienced web developers who know the best methods to the maximize effectiveness of your platform.

Third: Have a Press or Media page. If your business has been around for a while, you have likely received some degree of visibility, either on traditional media or these days on blogs and other virtual recognition. Even if your business hasn’t directly been mentioned in media or posts, you can build retroactive publicity by spotlighting major projects or previous clients your business was involved with, or that you were previously a part of. In whatever form is determined to best suit your circumstances, having a Press/Media page is a great way to build brand legitimacy and authority for your business as well as improve your website’s SEO ratings. 

Stay tuned for more free Website Pro Tips and Tricks and Marketing Basics from our team of experts at Axel and Associates!

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