Best Ways to Maximize PPC

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Best Ways to Maximize PPC

Pay Per Click ads are a highly effective type of online ad that are often underutilized or misused.

To help your business make the most of its PPC ad budget, here are some Pro Tips from our Axel PPC specialists…

How to Maximize Your PPC Ads

First: Don’t have a PPC ad link to your homepage. This is a rookie mistake made by too many companies. When you do this, the visitors to your homepage will likely just leave, meaning you have essentially wasted your ad money. Instead, make sure each of your PPC ads lead to a specialized landing page geared specifically to your ad. These can be centered on specific products, services, or special offers.

Second: Make sure your landing page makes a positive impression. Since most people are visually-oriented, one great way you can do this is by using high quality and relevant images. You should also be sure you maintain a professional look throughout the landing page. If it looks low quality or tacky, visitors will likely leave pretty quickly. To help avoid this, also make sure your landing page isn’t cluttered.

  • Bonus Tip: Be sure to have a large image right at the top of your landing page so they see that first! And feel free to include some text, but make sure it is simple and direct. Your image should be upbeat and your text should in some way say why a visitor should purchase your product or service rather than merely say that they should.

Third: Make sure your CTA is obvious and easy to follow-through on. Clarity is key to success with Calls To Action (CTAs). Reinforce this by explaining the benefits of your CTA both visually and in text. To make it easier to act on, your main action button should be right at the top and appear again later after you’ve been able to share more details. Also, to help your CTA be as effective as possible, be sure your PPC landing page is also mobile optimized and all this features tested beforehand!

  • Bonus Tip: Close out your landing pages with testimonials and other social proof to close the deal! This also adds psychological legitimacy to your product or service.

Stay tuned for more Axel PPC and online marketing pro tips, tricks, and ideas to give your business an edge over the competition!

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