Brand Community Management Tips

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Brand Community Management Tips

In previous blogs we have shared the value and benefits of building a sustainable community around your brand.

We have also shared some helpful tips on how to create brand-based community.

Now the branding and communications experts at Axel & Associates are here to share some Pro Tips and Tricks on how to manage your brand community!

How to Manage Your Brand Based Community

Tip #1: Measure your success.

While it’s important to have organic activity in your brand community, it will still likely require some planning to get to that point of growth. It may be helpful to treat the development of this community like a marketing campaign and have solid metrics. This means your business should set goals, standards, and mile markers to
measure your success in stages. Good examples of measurable goals can include: web traffic, increased followers, increased content engagement, getting more useful data from your audience, building broader brand awareness, developing stronger brand loyalty (i.e. repeat customers).

Tip #2: Set Timeframes.

Now that you have your goals set, it’s time to set concrete figures and timeframes to quantify them as you execute them. Consider questions along these lines: how many followers do you want? What percentage of growth are you trying to reach? Then overlay concrete timelines to get there. As you proceed with your community management plan, feel free to experiment along the way with different approaches. As time goes on, you will be able to compare your results at the end of each month with previous months. This will allows you to gauge which approaches were most successful, and replicate that going forward.

Tip #3: Check the discussion around your brand.

A key way to measure branding success is to see where and how your brand is being discussed online. This is especially true of social media, which is inherently designed not only to be seen but also to be engaged with. These organic mentions are a great tool for insights so you can see how your brand is seen, what is most effective about your branding, and what is not. You can also build relationships with those that generate free publicity for you and work on incorporating them into your brand community on some level in the future!

Stay tuned for tips from the Axel branding specialists on specific ways to build a community around your brand!

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