Branding Pro-Tips: Setting The Right Tone

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Branding Pro-Tips: Setting The Right Tone

A big part of the success of a brand is tied to the often abstract and intangible aspects. 

This means not only the name and graphics/visuals (like logos), but also your tone. 

Here is a shortlist of Pro Tips and Tricks from our branding experts at Axel & Associates to improve your brand’s tone and attract loyal customers in the long run. . . 

3 Branding Tips to Set The Right Tone

# 1: To sharpen your image and elevate how your brand is seen from the inside, determine how you want to be seen and what your brand tone should be. Sometimes just beginning to see yourself as a brand and not just a business is in itself a tremendous shift that will get you started down the right path that will lead to higher standards and greater success for your business.

For example, we all have certain expectations of major brands like Apple and Nike which are different from other companies that merely focus on promoting what they do, but not how they do it or communicating what their brand identity is. Getting a clear sense of this — and developing a crystalized message from the inside-and-out of your business — will improve the public’s perception of your business and its services. People will take notice.

# 2: Start with your staff. The way your staff views and understands your brand is directly essential to the success of your brand. This will impact how they deliver the services of your brand and interact with customers.

Assess how your staff communicates with customers and visitors. This doesn’t only mean in person and the exact words they use on emails, but also the important non-verbal communication of tone of voice, body language, and the clothing worn – especially these days on video calls where there’s the risk of an inherently informal tone that might hurt the perception of how professionally you are seen.

# 3: On a broader scale, consider if what you are putting online is in line with the tone you want set for your brand. This means looking at your website, emails, newsletters, social media, all your ads, and so on. Also consider if your tone is consistent across all these platforms, or if they seem like they are being written and composed by very different people/voices.

# 4: Lastly, make sure that you are using the best platforms to support your brand. Sometimes you may not be taking advantage of the social media outlets that are most popular with your industry or are over investing in ads and content on those that have diminishing returns. The same may be true with the way you interact with traditional media like television, local radio, or print sources like magazines. It may be advisable to consult with a branding expert to determine the most efficient and effective way to reach the right audience and exactly how to communicate to them, online and elsewhere. This is especially important during the COVID-19 era as brands are increasingly struggling to find the right balance in tone to reach audiences during a period of high uncertainty. 

Nevertheless, establishing a clear and consistent brand tone that support and uplifts your brand identity leads not only to higher brand awareness, but also brand confidence, authority, and eventually brand loyalty. 

This can also lead to the elevation in quality of your services, which is why we as consumers pay more for an Apple or Nike product than we do for something we buy from an unknown brand. 

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