The Axel Email Marketing Basics: Types of Email Campaigns

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The Axel Email Marketing Basics: Types of Email Campaigns

Welcome back to the third installment of the Axel Email Marketing Basics series! Now that you’ve a) set your specific, concrete goals and b) understand the basics of your email list building options, your next step is to understand the different types of email marketing campaigns.

These email campaign types will be the bridge to achieving your goals with your assembled email list. 

One type of email campaign is a newsletter campaign. They are a fairly manageable option but can still be very useful. This is a great option if your goal is keeping your audience informed and establishing basic and recurring engagement with them. If this is the case, we recommend sending out your newsletter no more than twice a month to avoid overexposure (and ending up on a spam list). It is also essential to ensure your newsletter includes relevant and interesting information that your recipients would consider useful, such as announcements related to their professional field or tips and recommendations. Newsletters also allow for a diverse range of content that you can send your audience, such as covering the spectrum of your business’s services. 

You can also set up targeted email campaigns around very specific goals, like increasing sales for a product or service. These kinds of email marketing campaigns are often centered not only on very basic and brief information but also on an introductory promotional offer. There are many, many options here and differing strategies to use depending on your target audience and on your product/service. You can send “Dedicated”/stand-alone emails that are centered on a single Call to Action. You can also set up a longer-term series of lead nurturing emails that are less schedule regimented than newsletters and oriented toward building a relationship in more of a soft-sell approach, aspects of which can also be automated, such as based on responses or other actions.

You may also want to set up a professional invite email format for corporate or personal events and functions. These require a basic level of event planning knowledge and coordination built into the setup of these emails, such as RSVP functions. In that particular case, it is advisable to bring in specialists with backgrounds in event planning that can also compliment the email campaign with other services that you can add to your package and save overall with, such as photography, video, and other event marketing. 

There are several other email campaign options available, including sponsored emails that essentially piggyback on other paid emails to hyper-focused audiences, survey emails, and action-driven transactional emails (often triggered from your website). Additionally, some goals, like cause-driven fundraising, require specially-crafted language and setups that differ from standard commercial marketing campaigns. While it may seem like a lot, we wanted to be sure to cover some of the most common and popular options that you can consider for most of your needs. Once you’ve determined which you would like to go with, you can start thinking of how you would put these emails together in terms of tone and structure – which we’ll be covering on our next email marketing post. Stay tuned!

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