Expert Email Marketing Tips

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Expert Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is one of the strongest and highest-performing marketing tools out there.

Yet, like anything else, it’s effectiveness can plateau when you run out of ideas or hit a dry spell where your results have stopped. 

Here are some solid Pro Tips and Tricks from our Axel & Associates Email Marketing team to help you reinvigorate your email campaigns. . . 

3 Email Marketing Campaign Tactics

First: Use a Dedicated IP. A Dedicated IP is a specific Internet Protocol (IP) address reserved for a single domain and not shared by others. 

The goal here is to establish your email address (and where it’s coming from) as reputable so that your emails are less likely to end up in someone’s spam filter or junk folder. This can have a big impact on how effective an email marketing campaign is. Many major email campaign services use shared IPs for their email blasts because the collective activities of all the companies using them help keep their sender scores and reputation high in order to avoid spam boxes. However this can also collectively backfire if they are caught in spam filters for some reason. 

Second: Have a dedicated landing page. When your email links to a specially-crafted landing page catered specifically to the recipients of that email campaign it will further control their marketing pipeline experience and improve their chances of converting into customers with a strongly reinforced message. 

To create a successful landing page, however, it needs to contain some key elements visually and in content. These include: specific headings, subheadings, an multimedia image connected to the subject, video (depending on the kind of campaign you are doing), a social component (reviews, testimonials, endorsements, etc.), and another Call To Action (CTA) that builds off the points you’ve begun to establish in your emails. Even if visitors to your landing page do not follow-through on your CTA, it is still an opportunity for you to capture more data that helps paint a clearer picture of your target audience, which is always helpful in refining your marketing efforts.

Third: maintain a regular stream of emails. Many might be shy about sending out too many emails, and there is indeed a fine line of diminishing returns, however the data shows us that it actually works better to send more emails than less. The key thing is to ensure they remain relevant to the recipient and keep your audience engagement up. 

To make sure your emails are staying fresh in tone and effective, make sure you are testing your emails before you send out each wave. A good rest to use is the “A/B Test.” This a simple method where you craft two versions of an email (“A” and “B”) and send them out to a small and controlled pool first to see which one gets a higher response, then you use that one as your wider email blast and you compose your next wave. 

These tactics will each help you and your team think in the right way to improve your email campaigns and their overall results. 

Stay tuned for more free Email Marketing Pro Tips and Tricks from our experts at Axel and Associates!

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