How To Boost Your Online Sales

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How To Boost Your Online Sales

Online sales competition has always been steep. However, things reached a fever-pitch during the peak of the pandemic as all operations went digital.

Since then, the landscape has only become more challenging. Now, business must not only compete with others online, but also with in-person foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores as people rush back to in-person experiences.

To help you and your business cut through the crowd, our Axel online marketing experts are here with these reliable Pro Tips to improve your online sales…

Easy Ways To Increase Digital Sales

Tip #1: Use Ad Extensions

 AdWords and other leading PPC ads allow you to use extensions to your ads for additional important details that direct audiences to specific places. They have the benefit of making the ad larger, and therefore more noticeable. Ad extensions also provide specialized options of links to click on beneath the ad — before even going to the main landing page! One example is to separate men’s clothing from women’s, or children’s from adults in retail ads. The best part is that extensions don’t increase the cost of your ad!

Tip #2: Use Time-Sensitive Sales

This creates a sense of urgency when someone comes across an ad or a product page. There are also ways to improve the effectiveness of a deadline. For example, having a two day sale will create more urgency than a two week sale. You can also visually incorporate a countdown clock graphic to reinforce the effect and hold their attention!

Tip #3: Offer Multiple Price-Points

Make your standard version the middle option, then create a smaller or less enticing option at a lower price, and a premium option for substantially more. People are psychologically inclined to consider the middle option for being not the lowest-quality option while also not the most expensive. It also has the added benefit of increasing the avenues to get to a sale of some kind by providing more than one option, yet also keeping the choice simple by limiting it to three (and avoiding overwhelming customers with choices).

Tip #4: Use Testimonials

Seeing a lot of positive response to a product creates a social buy-in effect that can tip the scales into making a sale. These are most effective when they are genuine and don’t read like staged reviews. Positive feedback like reviews and star ratings are also helpful. Beyond feedback, you can also showcase any business accreditation’s your company may have, such as your chamber of commerce, industry associations, or even the Better Business Bureau. Using recognizable names alongside your brand helps improve your trustworthiness while a visitor considers your services online.

Tip #5: Have A Refund Guarantee

This is an excellent final option to emphasize as they reach the end of their considerations. People are inherently prone to avoid risks, so this gives visitors one less obstacle to purchasing your product. Money-back guarantees provide peace of mind as well as facilitating a “why not?” attitude towards proceeding with a purchase if they are on the fence. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it also communicates confidence in your product!

Stay tuned for more pro tips, tricks, and strategies from the online marketing experts at Axel & Associates!

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