How To Create A Community Around Your Brand

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How To Create A Community Around Your Brand

On our last blog, we shared the benefits and importance that a community built around your brand can bring.

Now the branding experts at Axel & Associates are back to share some specific ways your business can
create its own brand-based community!

Here are three solid community branding pro tips…

Ways To Grow A Brand Community

Tip #1: Start a forum.

On a practical level, the community is created when there is a space available for people to come together. This is also true of virtual communities! These virtual spaces should be appealing, easy to use, and centered on a clear focus that would be of interest to participants. One way to do this is with a posting and messaging forum connected to your website. The benefit of this approach is that it gives your company more control to customize the forum to your specifications. Another more common and affordable option to create groups on popular social media platforms like Facebook.

Tip #2: Start a pipeline of brand ambassadors.

One of the most effective forms of community-based branding that actually encourages the growth of the community around your brand is the use of brand ambassadors. The reason for this is that most people are often more inclined to invest trust in people they know personally — like friends, family, and neighbors — than in sales representatives. As you build your brand community, take time to seek out the individuals who stand out from the group and show extra interest or enthusiasm. These will be the best candidates to approach about being brand ambassadors, who can in turn also help grow the community you are building with their own social circles. Be sure to give your brand ambassadors incentives such as special rates for your services. You should also show them that they are part of the team by inviting them to company events and offering ambassadors-only events as a thank you!

Tip #3: Start a membership program.

Finally, beyond the commitment of being a brand ambassador, you can also offer members of your brand community the option and opportunity to be a part of a membership program. These can include special perks like early access to new products and services to Beta test, seasonal discounts, newsletter access, and referral benefits. This can also include a point system that lets members grow their rewards and perks over time and receive recognition from your business.

The bottom-line goal of building a thriving community around your brand is to ensure this community has more confidence in your business and loyalty to your brand that translates to more repeat business and referrals over time.

Stay tuned for tips from the Axel branding specialists on ways to build a community around your brand!

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