How To Create Value On Your Website

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How To Create Value On Your Website

On our last post we shared three solid ways to lay the groundwork for a website that adds major value for your guests.

Including additional features alongside your standard services helps your business stand out and draw more visitors.

Creating long-term value for potential customers is also an excellent way to build trust in your brand and convert occasional customers into loyal customers.

To keep these benefits coming, here are three more Pro Tips from the experts at Axel & Associates…

3 More Ways to Add Value To Your Website

Pro Tip #1: Offer reviews on related services within your industry

It’s always a good idea to be up-to-date with the latest developments in your industry. By publishing regulator in-depth reviews of these developments you are showing that you follow current events outside your business and that you have a commanding base of knowledge and experience that allows you to break these things down for customers. It also helps your business piggy-back off of searches related to those new products and services, which improves your own web rankings!

Pro Tip #2: Invite experts in your field to offer insights and advice

while showing your own industry expertise is important, bringing other experts in is also a good idea. It shows a willingness to bring in multiple views and also communicates that your business has access to a broad network. This, of course, implies that you can access this network to improve the quality of your own offerings, which further deepens trust in your own brand!

Pro Tip #3: Host virtual events

Hosting events online is a great way to not only teach your customers new insights about your industry, but it also places your business in a leadership role by hosting a well-organized and engaging event. These can include virtual conferences, focused informational/instructional videos, and video-chat forums with questions from customers. This presents opportunities to directly engage with your customers and for them to place human faces with your brand and build a deeper connection.

Just like our previous post, these tips are designed to both ensure your website provides value for customers as well as also boost your website’s SEO rankings!

Stay tuned for more web building and SEO Pro Tips from the experts at Axel and Associates!

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