The Axel SEO Tips #3: How To Drive Relevant Traffic With High-Quality Content

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Three Tips For Creating Content That Will Increase Relevant Traffic To Your Website

The Axel SEO Tips #3: How To Drive Relevant Traffic With High-Quality Content

The purpose of using and investing in sophisticated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) systems, methods, and resources is to bring more (relevant) eyes to your website. If you are not seeing the results you want or are looking to improve your SEO performance even more, we strongly advise our clients to begin creating original content for their business.

Original content related to your industry and business is essentially an SEO magnet for relevant traffic and a gift that keeps on giving with each new piece you publish. However, the idea here is not to publish content for the sake of content. You might achieve small, short-term bumps with each publication, but this won’t likely result in more business unless it is quality content that brings value to your audience and builds confidence in your brand. This will increase relevant traffic to your website.

Here Are Three Tips For Creating Content That Will Increase Relevant Traffic To Your Website

First, when creating content or securing media mentions for your brand in friendly outlets, go the extra mile and try to include several links to parts of your website that relate to what is being discussed. This is another SEO tactic with a simple rationale: having more links increase the likelihood of earning visits to your website. If you have three links to your website in an article, that doesn’t mean a reader will hit all three, but the thinking is that they’re now three times more likely of hitting at least one and ending up on your page. In other words, it’s a bit of an “all roads lead to Rome” approach. This is also helped by the built-in relevancy of media mentions connected to your field, so it’s already being directed to the right audience. 

Second, have a thorough “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) page. Every business website should have an FAQs page. There are many benefits, including the basic fact that many people find what they are looking for (including products and services) as responses to questions they search online. Therefore, do your best to anticipate the kinds of questions searchers could ask that would land them on your page. Have very clear and basic phrasing. Don’t be afraid of having a long FAQ page; remember that you can always compress it in an organized way with a table of contents summarizing questions or general question groupings by theme. Try to cover all the basic questions related to your business, your services, and your industry that visitors might have. It’s also important to answer each question in an understandable and personable way – this shows you have extensive industry knowledge and are approachable as a brand. Bonus tip: you can also include links to other parts of your website within your FAQ page! 

Third, generate a regular stream of media-driven creative content. This is probably your best bet for building consistent traffic to your website and generating an engaged audience is through original content related to your field. One option is to host live web seminars on Zoom on interesting industry topics. Live streams are great because they hold people’s attention much longer than prerecorded videos since viewers cannot skip ahead and also have a phenomenon markers call “Fear Of Missing Out” at play. Another great option is starting a regular podcast. Podcasts are becoming even more popular during Covid and could even generate revenue through ads (though it’s important to ensure ads don’t take over your podcast and become distracting to listeners. Plus, podcasts offer yet another SEO opportunity if you provide transcripts. A third highly effective form of original content that will greatly increase your audience and visibility over time is to create industry-related studies that your company publishes and are sharable (and linkable) for other companies and media in your field. Bonus tip: you can double-dip and increase engagement before your study is even published by creating surveys for the study that you can send out through email marketing campaigns and/or announce on your website. 

If you use any of these tips, you will be seeing a noticeable increase in your web traffic over time. If you adopt all of them, your web rankings will skyrocket. But this requires time, discipline, and maintaining high quality in your content to result in that precious and recurring SEO magic… 

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