How To Focus Your SEO

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How To Focus Your SEO

To the uninitiated, SEO can be a complex system that almost seems like a language of its own.

Even to seasons SEO specialists, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest search engine developments and adapt with them.

To help you develop a more nuanced approach, our Axel SEO experts are here with some tested SEO pro tips…

Tips To Maximize Your SEO

Pro Tip #1: Prioritize. Most businesses have fixed marketing budgets. To make the most of your SEO, don’t make the mistake of casting a wide net. While it may seem like a logical approach, with most SEO you are best rewarded with specificity. This is largely because the more general key search terms and phrases will also be the most competitive. That’s why you should work on prioritizing which search terms are best for your business and which back links will be most useful to pursue (i.e. links to your homepage vs links to a particular page or service).

Pro Tip #2: Relevance. Building off of the first tip, as you prioritize be sure to keep things directly related to your business. Unless you have the budget to use sophisticated techniques going after more peripheral subjects your audience might be interested in, we recommend hitting the points that drive most of your business and going for permutations and variations of them. Bonus Pro Tip: Maximize your resources and build up a long-term pipeline by ranking for one phrase/term at a time. This will also help keep your efforts focused and see results continue to trickle in even after you move on to focus on other key terms!

Pro Tip #3: Share everywhere. As you develop your original, industry specific website content, make sure you are distributing it effectively. That means sharing all your new content throughout your social media accounts and on your newsletters. As simple as this step may seem, remember that not only does this widen the pool of people who visit your website to see your content, but it also increases the chances that it will get shared!

Stay tuned for more Axel SEO pro tips, tricks, and ideas to give your business an edge over the competition!

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