How To Get A Marketing Edge On Larger Competition

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How To Get A Marketing Edge On Larger Competition

If you happen to be a small or mid-sized business, it might be daunting to compete with larger companies.

However, our Axel Marketing Experts are here to tell you that there are several great ways your business can eek out an advantage.

Here are a few. . .

Easy Ways Your Business Can Compete With Bigger Businesses

Pro Tip #1: Use Video. Videos consistently perform better than stagnant images or text-only marketing with no media. These days an increasing number of people are preferring to watch a video or hear an audiobook/podcast rather than read. In fact, video has grown so rapidly that YouTube itself has now become one of the largest search engines! With this in mind, it’s a good idea to create videos for the launch of new products, services, and sales. In addition to product videos, also consider making interactive live streams, which are also an increasingly popular way to be seen (bonus tip: these work best when they’re educational!). Special behind-the-scenes videos showing how your products or services are done are also a good idea to grow your audience and humanize your brand.

Pro Tip #2: Show Values. Be sure to promote your values and community links in ways that will connect your brand to your audience. If done correctly, this will do a lot to humanize your brand and increase the likelihood of brand loyalty down the line. This is because people are more likely to support businesses that have clear values, such as those that support the environment or community causes. These factors can make a difference in your business edging out otherwise comparable competitors that don’t show their brand supporting any specific values. So be sure to communicate these points clearly and with a tone consistent with your brand voice.

Pro Tip #3: The Human Touch. A key but undervalued aspect of branding and marketing is your day-to-day communications with the general public. As it is often one of the first lines of exposure the public gets, it can make or break their decisions to go with (or stick with) your business. This is why its important to train your staff to be proficient and professional on the phone and in virtual calls as well as live chats. All of these formats have become more important in the COVID age, and if the impression is consistently positive it will give your business another edge on the large multinational corporations that outsource those jobs overseas.

Bonus tip: Also be sure to invest in quality email marketing with a conversational human tone. When used correctly, email is consistently one of the most effective and highest-performing forms of marketing! You can humanize your emails by including the name, contact info, and photo of a relevant point-person on your team!

Stay tuned for more marketing, branding, and communications pro tips and tricks to give your business an edge over the competition!

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