How To Make A Great “About Us” Page

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How To Make A Great “About Us” Page

When it comes to simple steps your business can take to step up its website, having a strong About Us page is a must.

We’ve long touted the added value that an About Us page brings, and it can have a direct impact in increasing your web traffic/SEO and converting visitors into customers and clients. 

Here are some free Pro Tips and Tricks from our web developers at Axel & Associates on how to make a top-notch About Us page. . . 

3 Steps to Create a Great About US Page

#1: Your About Us page needs to build trust in your brand. Brand trust and brand authority have never been more crucial than they are today in the age of Covid. When executed correctly, your About Us page can do a good portion of the work to establish the value and trustworthiness of your brand. 

#2: Achieving strong brand trustworthiness isn’t only a matter of having the right words and content. Visuals are also key. It’s important to be consistent with carrying through the visual branding established in your homepage. Also make sure to include some relevant multimedia to bring your page to life, especially if it’s text-heavy. Some good images to include are: old or vintage images of your company or business background (especially if they can illustrate how far you’ve come), some significant highlights (like awards one or major recognition), and staff images. 

#3: Show proof. Many businesses list impressive awards and feature slick quotes from former customers and clients. Your business can stand out (and apply our previous tip) by using images or even video to increase the impact of your endorsements. We recommend having an album or a slide feature with images of your clients with their reviews elegantly overlaid as well as images of the awards you’ve won or media mentions. Arranging your brand authority in this way is not only more original, but also makes it more real to visitors. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our About Us Page Pro Tips & Tricks and general online marketing, communications, and web development from our experts at Axel and Associates! 

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