How To Make A Great “About Us” Page (Part 2)

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How To Make A Great “About Us” Page (Part 2)

An “About Us” page is an easy addition to any company’s website and also adds tremendous value to your site. 

Our last post gave some pointers on how to arrange the tone and visuals of your About Us page. 

Here are three Pro Tips from the Axel & Associates Web Design Team on how to create an impactful About Us page through strong content. . . 

3 Expert About Us Tips

First, be selective. Make sure that the written content you include makes your company stand out in a positive way. Distinctiveness is key in communications and marketing. Your About Us page should show personality and humanize your brand. One way to do this is by telling the backstory of your business. Why did you first go into business? Are you a family company? What makes you different? 

Second: Include a Mission or Vision Statement. In addition to having some unique and humanizing backstory that lends context, be sure that your About Us page ties to the present and the future. You can do this in a direct way with a professionally crafted Mission Statement that clearly describes what your company sets out to do and how it will impact your respective industry. 

Finally, as with Email Marketing, close with a Call To Action. This is the culmination of your sharing the story, distinctness, and vision of your business and brand. A classic Call To Action for an About Us page is to encourage them to reach out and connect with you, such as through email by phone. This is a good opportunity to hyperlink to your Contact Us page or include a direct email address for them to reach. 

With these Pro tips, tricks, and pointers, your website’s About Us page will be much better positioned to help your business stand out from your competitors and convert visitors into customers and clients. 

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