How To Market Your Business During COVID-19

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COVID19 Marketing Tips

How To Market Your Business During COVID-19

It’s been almost a year since COVID-19 changed everything. Sometimes it can still feel like the landscape changes by the day, so we’ve put together these tips from the Axel & Associates team to help you keep a steady hand on the wheel and ride out the waves with these solid rules to go by. Here are your COVID Marketing Basics . . . 

3 Expert Tips For Marketing During COVID-19

First, as with all marketing, know your audience. Whether you’re a new business or a seasoned veteran of your field, you have to put yourself in their position during the pandemic and anticipate how their needs and concerns related to your brand. This means adjusting your messaging and maybe changing how you target segments of your audience. Consistency and stability matters during Covid, so show value as much as you and use that to reestablish trust. This might require some nuance, but it falls back on knowing your audience. One easy tip is to show how your services save them money during the pandemic. 

Next, emphasize convenience and safety. This is a no-brainer that applies to just about every business these days. If you haven’t already, explore every feasible way your business can go virtual and adhere to your local safety guidelines during the pandemic. This can be tricky because many neighboring local governments have varying guidelines and many changes over time. These days it’s better to err on the side of caution and go the extra mile. Now show your clients and customers how you’re doing so. Communicate and consistently remind them of all your remote features: digital payment options, shipping/delivery services, in-person reservation limits, outdoor options – you know the drill. Make sure to show this in your social media and mass marketing and include images and details. Make it clear that this is about your care and concern for your customers.

Finally, communicate a higher purpose. People are more conscious about where and how they spend their money now, so show why you’re their best bet and how you cut through the pack. We know that people are responding to different things in the Covid era, so having a higher mission that elevates your brand vs others that might do very similar work for similar rates makes a big difference. This might involve digging in a bit and reflecting on your “why” – what got you into business in the first place? What motivates you? Do you have a personal story or passion that drives you every day? Anything that can connect to people on a deeper level, bring them together in interesting ways (even virtually), benefit families and communities, support health, or show sustainability in any way are good ideas to highlight right now. Not only will these points help you stand out and resonate more with clients and customers during the pandemic, they might even earn you some free press. 

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