How to Market During the Holidays

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How to Market During the Holidays

The holidays are always a hectic time.

This is true for both consumers on the market for their end-of-the-year shopping, and business marketing to them.

To help your business stand out, the Axel & Associates Marketing experts are here to give your some reliable pro tips to help you through the yearly holiday rush!

3 Fast Pro Tips for Holiday Marketing

Pro Tip #1: Keep your messaging simple. That means no clutter (with graphics or content). Remember, this is already a stressful time for consumers, so they shouldn’t have to think about what the main message of your marketing is.

Pro Tip #2: Offer a sale! Because it’s the holidays, the one thing everyone is primed to look for is a deal. Make sure to give them something enticing enough to not only pay attention, but maybe even buy more than one product!

Pro Tip #3: Create a video. Videos are an excellent, reliable way to grab a viewer’s attention. They are also much more effective than both stagnant images and GIFs. That’s why it’s a great idea to create an original video to promote your new holiday sale from Protip 2! Just be sure it isn’t too long because everyone’s time is at a premium in the holidays — aim for a minute or less!

  • Bonus Tip: Ramp up social media and email marketing. These are great places to share your video and to be more active in as the holidays get closer. Extra Bonus Tip: remember to always use hashtags!

Stay tuned for more holiday marketing and branding pro tips and tricks from the specialists at Axel and Associates!

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