Ideas For Successful Blog Posts

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Ideas For Successful Blog Posts

Building a popular blog requires consistently high-quality content. 

Since our creative content experts at Axel & Associates have previously shared some great pro tips for blog post material, now we want to go further.

Instead of more ideas for individual blog posts, here are some tips to come up with your own steady stream of engaging blog entries that will work to build your audience over time… 

3 Pro Tips for Developing Blog Material 

Tip #1: Give good examples.

Blog posts centered on examples solidify the details for your audience and make it real. This also makes it more engaging, especially if they can relate to the content or it meets a need they have. One set of examples your blog can share are case studies that illustrate important learning opportunities. On the more practical side, you can also share how-to examples that are relevant to your industry. These can include samples and templates for any documentation or paperwork that might be needed to perform your services. 

Tip #2: Hold an open-ended brainstorm.

it is a good routine for your team to hold regular brainstorming sessions for your business’s original creative content, including blog posts. Brainstorming is now a widely-used technique in the business community, but most people do not utilize these idea sessions as efficiently and effectively as they could be. So be sure to brainstorm the right way. 

This means that there are no bad ideas at the start of the process. This creates an atmosphere of openness in your team that allows more ideas to bubble up to the surface, some of which will prove to be gems! To maintain this helpful atmosphere, make sure everyone on your team is supportive, rather than shooting ideas down right away, and record every suggestion made. 

Then, at the end of the allotted time you can zero-in on the best ideas. That doesn’t mean the others should be trashed. Some ideas may not be useful (or seem useful) right away, but still can come in handy weeks down the line. Another option is to merge some weaker ideas into stronger ones that incorporate their best points and drives better value for readers and results overall.

Of course, your odds of getting better material this way increases if you hold regular monthly brainstorming sessions with your content team! 

Tip #3: Check your feedback. 

It’s important to get a pulse on what your audience wants in order to meet those needs. A great way to do that is by listening to what they are saying! 

Two easy avenues for hearing what your audience thinks are the comments they leave on your blog and what they’re saying on social media whenever you share content there. You can also keep another open line of communication open by providing an email at the bottom of each post to encourage feedback that way. Not every comment will be useful, but it is still helpful to have these insights handy, especially if you begin to notice trends emerging in them!

These tips will get you thinking in the right direction for churning out higher-quality content that adds value to your audience and client base.

Stay tuned for more pro tips from the content and marketing specialists at Axel and Associates!

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