Keeping Customers Engaged During COVID-19

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Keeping Customers Engaged During COVID-19

It’s essential for all businesses in the COVID-19 Pandemic to keep their audiences updated and engaged.

So many businesses early on simply posted on social media that were ceasing in-person operations “until further notice” or “until it is safe to return” — and for many that remains their last public statement. 

Even if you continue to do business online with your regular clients, if that is the most recent post or statement you have made online it will signal to all online visitors that you are closed for business and not accepting new clients and customers. 

To help build out the best Coronavirus messaging, here are more free Covid Marketing Tips from Axel & Associates to guide your business in successfully navigating the reminder of the pandemic. . . 

Three Ways to Keep Customers Updated During the Pandemic: 

  • First: Post regularly on social media. This is a great place to add personality to your brand. Feel free to show “behind the scenes” images and clips of your staff at work with masks and sanitizer with an upbeat message of preserving through difficulties. These humanizing posts do a lot to help establish brand loyalty and repeat customers. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that social media is a fantastic platform for so much more than just announcing flash sales. 
  • Second: Send out email updates. Be sure to mention COVID directly, but don’t overkill the subject with heavily sprinkled mentions. Stick to about two and focus instead on impact and how your business is responding to it to keep your customers safer and make their lives easier. 
  • Third: Add information in customer accounts. Many businesses set up consumer accounts with dashboard they see every time they log in. These are a excellent way to keep customers connected and informed to your overall business and brand, as opposed to only tracking orders and offers. If you don’t have a system of customer accounts, you can use your website to communicate regular updates to visitors, or start a blog. 

Important Bonus Tip: it’s crucial that as you go about following these steps you do so in the correct tone. Always communicate that you are taking the virus seriously even as you’re open for business. Show that the health and safety of your customers and clients is important to you. And always be empathetic to the unique struggles and impact that various communities continue to feel in their own circumstances as we begin to recover. 

Its helpful to consider that you lose nothing by showing you understand how difficult things are for some in your audience these days, and yet are optimistic about the future. The latter will be an increasingly important message as more and more groups have access to the various vaccine rollouts and an end becomes more clearly in sight. . .

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