Marketing Effectively During COVID

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Marketing Effectively During COVID

COVID-19 has likely changed the way most business is done for at least this first half of the decade, if not longer, with a sustained shift into online operations.

That’s why the lessons, adjustments, and strategic investments we make during this time will continue to serve us for the long haul. 

To help that process along, here are more free expert Covid Marketing Tips from Axel & Associates to help your business successfully navigate the reminder of the Coronavirus pandemic – and beyond . . . 

First: Emphasize both the high quality and affordability of what you offer. While this is reliable marketing language for any time, it is especially potent now when people are more selective than ever about where to spend their money. They need to be able to trust a brand and know it will be worth investing in – and feel like they are getting a deal at the same time. It is a delicate balance to execute, but when done correctly it can certainly pay off during the Covid economy.

Second: Emphasize your roots. Whenever possible, make sure you partner locally and communicate that on your website, social media, and newsletters. Think about what cities you are most connected and/or associated with, including wherever your business first started or where it is now headquartered. 

  • This shows your connection to the community and investment in its success at a time when this is what consumers are looking for and responding to. It also adds personality and depth to your brand while also expanding your local business network. 

Third: Use customer-centric language frequently and consistently. Show why your brand has quality and is trustworthy, but always put it in context of the consumer’s needs. These days, everything  your brand puts out during Covid must be relevant to consumers in some way or it will seem irrelevant at best or tone-deaf and insensitive at worst. The more relevant you show your services to be to consumers — especially in addressing effects of the Covid economy and lifestyle — the more effective your marketing, communications, and sales will be. 

Need help making sure your business is upgraded and adapted to thrive in the Covid age? Reach us at 866-DAVIDAXEL (866-328-4329) or to set up a consultation to map out the best way forward for you and your brand.

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