Marketing New Year Resolutions: Part 1

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Marketing New Year Resolutions: Part 1

It’s a common tradition to start each new year with ways to personally improve yourself over the next 12 months.

So why not do the same for your business? One great benefit about setting New Year’s Resolutions for a business is that you have an entire team to keep each other accountable to them.

To help you start the year with the best marketing resolutions, our Axel & Associates marketing experts have shared these goals to improve any business’s performance…

5 Resolutions to Improve Your Marketing Throughout The Year

Resolution #1: Be creative in your marketing. Don’t be afraid to try new approaches, go outside your comfort zone, and think outside the box!

Resolution #2: Engage more with your audience. This means maximizing your social media with discipline and exploring all your options with email marketing, newsletters, and web features like blogs.

Resolution #3: Get data for everything. While you try new things and engage more, be sure you are tracking your progress with concrete data. Then use that data to inform your decisions and improve!

Resolution #4: Always be consistent with your brand voice. The more you market, the more your brand is exposed. Having a clearly-defined and consistent brand voice will help customers and clients connect with your business, remember it more than your competitors, and develop repeat business through brand loyalty.

Resolution #5: Follow your industry leaders marketing closely. Keep track of their marketing campaigns, their latest innovations, any changes or updates to the Google search algorithm within your field, and any industry trends. The better informed you are throughout the year, the better you can respond to these factors — and benefit from them!

Stay tuned for more Marketing New Year Resolutions!

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