Marketing Strategies for the Post-COVID Era

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Marketing Strategies for the Post-COVID Era

In these uncertain times of transition, there is a mix of caution and optimism everywhere.

Because of the current economic climate, it’s now more important than ever to have a strong plan with rules and end goals on how your business can out-perform the competition during this recovery.

To help inform these decisions, our digital Marketing team of specialists have returned with more free marketing Pro-Tips and strategies for success in the post-pandemic era. . . 

First: Offer hybrid events and options for your business that integrate both in person and virtual components. Expanding peoples options ensure that your business is suited to succeed regardless of what the customer’s preferences are at this time. Additionally, creating fusion events with both in-person and virtual elements in tandem also shows your business is seamlessly prioritizing innovation.

This also means catering your website around the consumer journey with this hybrid approach and allowing for interaction with live people via video or chats. 

Second: Invest in continuing to train and sharpen virtual skills and sales methods. Even though there will be a strong and growing demand for in-person interaction and activities after over a year of lockdown restrictions, that doesn’t mean virtual activities are going away. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: we have turned a corner for how integrated virtual operations can be from now on. Therefore, its important to continue to invent and build upon these methods at the staff level to smoothen their fluency and have it be as natural and seamless as possible for the customer. 

And third: increase coordination between marketing and sales. Once again, this brings it back to the human element in these times. Improving the daily communication between your marketing and sales teams will allow them to respond to trends faster and improve results in real time. 

Strong and ongoing communication can help marketing teams develop better content based on the sales team’s feedback on the frontline and, in turn, help deliver in stronger leads for sales teams. 

Stay tuned for more Covid transition-themed business and marketing Pro-Tips from the Axel and Associates Marketing experts! 

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