How to Market Your Business During COVID-19:

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How to Market Your Business During COVID-19:

As we look back on the many ways COVID-19 continues to change the business and marketing landscape, it’s clear that it won’t be changing back anytime soon, if at all. 

That leaves us with a mission to continue adapting to new consumer needs with new messaging and strategies. 

With that in mind, here’s a new batch of three quick COVID Marketing tips from the Axel & Associates team. . . 

Three Tips To Market During COVID-19

First: review and invest in efficient marketing technology. There are many ways you can retrofit your website and digital systems to better engage with visitors during Covid. Some examples include self-service options, chatbots, and asynchronous messaging. Overall, you want to aim for offering expanded DIY options for customers as well as expanded customer support that carries a personalized (and not cookie-cutter) approach. 

Second: improve your Social Media presence. Don’t just advertise on social media, make sure to post more too. This will increase organic interactions. Look to develop more of a distinct brand personality and identity through your social media accounts. Interact and engage more with followers. If you’re feeling stuck on how to do this, we recommend taking a look at other brands and accounts you like and take note of why you like them. Bonus tip: Make sure to post about and inform your audience of company updates, especially if they’re Covid related, and also share updates relating to your community. 

And third: Make sure your website is primed for Covid use. That means checking that it’s optimized for mobile formats, SEO, and e-commerce in general. Not only are more people using the internet during Covid, but we have to strategically consider how they’re using it. These days more people tend to be using it at home (as opposed to at office desktops or other public places) and more are also using it in mobile formats, like cellphones and tablets. This is why having a mobile-optimized website is key. 

Stay tuned for more Covid-oriented marketing tips and how you and your business can best adapt to these changing times . . .

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