New SEO Strategies (Part II)

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New SEO Strategies (Part II)

In our last New SEO Strategies blog, we shared tips to retool your approach to Search Engine Optimization as Google continues to adapt and change its algorithms in major ways.

We’re back and picking up where we left off with some more free Pro Tips, hacks, and strategies from our SEO Marketing team to improve your business’s standing online!

Here is a new batch of Search Engine Optimization ideas and recommendations from our SEO experts at Axel & Associates. . .

New ways to Approach SEO: Part 2

On our last post, we discussed the importance of organizing your content and information around clusters of topics rather than merely chasing keywords.

There are several ways to do this on your website, including purposeful use of hyperlinks. Another important way to work with SEO cluster algorithms is to maximize individual pages within tabs to cover the related searches of the cluster(s) most associated with your business.

  • For example: if your business is a law firm, you will want to have tabs and pages that cover not only the basics of all the individual services and forms of law that your practice, but also the various issues relating to them that people might search.

All that said, keywords still matter of course. But they are not and should not be the full extent of your SEO game plan.

  • Bonus Tip: Be sure to analyze the keywords your competitors are using! Even if they are not using them as effectively as they could, it is useful information for you to have as you plan your own marketing strategies.

Stay tuned for more free SEO advice from our team of specialists at Axel and Associates!

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