Post-COVID Marketing Tips: Key Marketing Lessons from the Pandemic

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Post-COVID Marketing Tips: Key Marketing Lessons from the Pandemic

After an almost endless quarantine, things continue to pick up steam in the global economy.

As these new opportunities come roaring in, we’re here to offer three more helpful Pro Tips and ideas from the Axel & Associates Digital Marketing Team to help your business maximize and take full advantage. . .

Three Key Post-Pandemic Marketing Lessons

  • Lesson #1: The more localized your messaging, the better. In the post-Covid era don’t just go down to the demographics and sub-segments, go down to the zip code. Remember: incorporating multiple angles and dimensions in your messaging and analysis will make the results even more effective.
  • Lesson #2: Company values will remain important. When push came to shove, customer loyalties were tested and the brands that showed they aligned with consumer values during the worst of the storm kept their business. This expectation will linger beyond Covid and showing your distinctness and authenticity in this area will continue to be key.
  • Lesson #3: The “Customer journey” will be a permanent mainstay of the 21st Century online commerce experience. That means having personalized digital services catered to the data you’re collecting in Lesson #1 will be put to regular use in an automated way that will deliver longterm results for your business. Another often ignored aspect of building a strong and comprehensive customer journey from the technical back-end is to make sure your marketing, customer services, sales, and IT are all seamless in their coordination and integration. While the customer doesn’t see all this, it will definitely be felt and make their experience better than a choppy one that isn’t coordinated.

Stay tuned for more Covid transition-themed business and marketing tips and strategies from the Axel and Associates Digital Marketing and PR experts!

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