Pro Tips For Brand-based Community Management: Part 2

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Pro Tips For Brand-based Community Management: Part 2

On our last blog post, the Axel & Associates branding experts shared some best practices to guide you on developing your community management style.

Now we’re back to share three more Pro Tips and tricks that will help you create an engaging community to support your brand!

More Best Practices & Pro Tips for Community Management

Tip 1: Check-in regularly.

When a business makes the commitment to create a community to uplift its brand, it has to be consistent in monitoring and supporting it. On our last post, we discussed the importance of setting guidelines. It is also important to check in regularly to ensure the guidelines are being met — both by community members and your own community managers. Just remember: “Community Management” does not mean community micromanagement. No one wants to be part of a group that is being heavily regimented or censored.

Besides checking for adherence to your community guidelines, its also important to generally keep tabs on the tone and topics of discussion that organically emerge. This is one of the best values of a brand-based community: understanding what is important to your audience!

Tip 2: Stay authentic.

This point builds on the point we previously mentioned of maintaining your “brand voice.” In addition to that, be sure that voice is also authentic. Authenticity is not only something consumers are drawn to, it is increasingly becoming an expectation. This has only become more true in the COVID era as people crave more human interaction and authentic messaging from the brands they choose to support.

When applying this to your branding, marketing, and community communications, its a good idea to emphasize the concrete benefits of your services rather than just the features. Also be sure to fine-tune these as best as possible to your audience and speak directly to them in approachable language. Be clear in your communication and also make sure to occasionally show things from a “behind the scenes” perspective to make your community members feel included and remind them that real people are what ultimately drives your brand (and, therefore, your business).

Tip 3: Keep things fresh.

As you regularly check in and maintain a consistent but authentic brand voice, make sure that you are not falling into the habit of a formula or pattern-set style of interacting with your community members. To avoid this, set aside time to regularly explore new ways to connect and engage. Are they discussing new apps they are using, or features they wish your company offered? Don’t be afraid to occasionally mix things up by sharing a meme or article related to your business or (relevant) current events to keep people engaged. At the end of the day, though community members should have a good idea of what to expect from your brand community, keeping things too consistent will bore just about anybody!

Following these proven Pro Tips will help you successfully manage your brand community and help it thrive over time. Stay tuned for branding, marketing, and communications tips from Axel and Associates!

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