Pro Tips for Online Branding

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Pro Tips for Online Branding

There are now more options for consumers online than ever before.

It is essential that your business not merely go about adapting to online operations, but also consider the look, feel, and tone of the company and how it compares with your competitors.

In other words, this is the time to reevaluate your online branding and assess the best way to adjust it in order to speak to this time and maximize your online presence.

With that in mind, here are three branding tips for your business from our team of digital branding specialists at Axel & Associates. . .

3 Branding Tips For Your Business

First: Look for any opportunity to separate your brand from the competition. One of the best ways to make your brand stand out, especially during COVID-19 when operations are increasingly shifting online, is to offer in-depth online personalization options. Here are a few good suggestions to offer a highly personalized online experience: “Try this now” features, free samples, and mobile-optimized augmented reality features.

Second: When launching a new product, accompany it with a video to unveil it. You can also do this with new services, but videos are especially effective to promote focused individual items like products and then going in depth on its uses and applications. Producing a slick and effective multimedia video also allows you to cut down on text length, which makes it much easier to hold the attention of your visitors.

Third: Have a page created for it on your website. Having a product/service-specific page gives you the opportunity to optimize it for Social Media sharing as well as to use it as a landing page for ads and offers to promote it and gather more information on your web visitors to help you craft more effective ads going forward. It is also another opportunity to improve your website’s overall SEO rankings and performance!

Stay tuned for more expert Pro Tips from the Axel and Associates team on branding, marketing, communications and more.

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