Pro Tips To Keep A Blog Popular

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Pro Tips To Keep A Blog Popular

Throughout our business blog tips series, we’ve shared some reliable, tried-and-true tips, tricks, and strategies to build a successful blog that can boost your business’s web traffic and help attract potential new customers and clients.

To wrap up this series, the creative content experts at Axel & Associates are back with a few more Pro Tips to ensure your blog continues to perform well long-term . . .

Add important keywords.

Effective blogs bring many benefits, but one of the biggest is sustained web traffic to your website. To help drive this web traffic as efficiently and effectively as possible, it’s important to incorporate strong SEO strategies. This includes regularly keeping tabs on what are the biggest key search words, terms, and phrases related to your industry each month. Then analyze them and look for any important long-term trends that you may be able to use predictively for future content. This analysis-driven strategy will help you develop better and more relevant content for your blog that will meet the existing interests of your online audience — and also produce content that performs much better.

Add visual elements.

While content and SEO strategy are central to having a well-performing blog, your blog will still need a stronger framework to help ensure success. This will require thinking beyond the written content. One thing we know about online content and media today is that no matter how strong your written material is, most people won’t even open it if it doesn’t have engaging visual content!

Fortunately, you have a lot of options available for adding visual appeal to your blog posts. In addition to engaging images, you can also add relevant video content and even graphs. Graphs in particular are especially helpful for breaking down the information in your content that relates to your industry and drive home the point behind your analysis.

Keep tabs on your competitors.

Another good tool to keep in your belt is looking at what your competitors are doing. While this is always a good practice when comparing your search results with theirs, it’s especially helpful if they also have a blog. That way you can compare in fine-point detail exactly how each of your blog posts are performing on a monthly basis and draw data-backed conclusions on who’s approach is working better. Good things to take note of are: timing and frequency of posts, length of each post, and the themes and subjects of each post. This is especially useful when singling-out the extremes of both your blogs: the highest and lowest performing posts.

These should all help paint a clearer picture of the best approach to use in order to perform better with your blogs and gain an edge that can be built on.

That wraps up our first business blog series! Stay tuned for more online marketing pointers from the experts and specialists at Axel and Associates!

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