Pro-Tips to Market in the Post-COVID Transition

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Pro-Tips to Market in the Post-COVID Transition

While we are not yet out of the woods yet, we are getting closer every day to leaving COVID-19 in the rearview mirror.

That does not mean, however, that the best digital marketing strategy right now is to ignore that the pandemic ever happened and pretend everything is fully back to normal.

To best position your business for success, our Axel & Associates Marketing Specialists are back with more free marketing lessons and Pro-Tips specifically on how to navigate the post-pandemic transition…

First: (Re)Empathize Convenience. As offices and storefronts re-open, this is a great time to signal on your website and social media all the easy avenues you can connect with your customers and clients. Whether is in person by appointment or if you accept walk-ins or by phone, chat, or video call — be clear in communicating that you have many methods available to fit with the consumer’s preferences. That includes in purchasing options such as cash, card, online stores, and any contactless options.  

Then: Continue to integrate the human element into your brand. This was an important element that led to strong costumer loyalty during the worst of the pandemic, and it will continue being significant as we leave it. This is a good time to show that those humanizing stories were not just to rise a trend, but instead actually communicated something distinct about your business.

Here are some great ways to do that: 

  • Use these opportunities to share your company backstory and history in a relevant way that ties back to this transition and recovery. 
  • Spotlight your staff and express gratitude for their help in getting your business through the pandemic and adapting to virtual operations to keep things going. 
  • Communicate your values as a business. 

All these points will continent to build off the new climate created during COVID and signal that your brand understands it at a deeper level and is willing to respond to it. 

Stay tuned for more Covid transition-themed business and marketing tips from the Axel and Associates Marketing and PR experts

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