Psychology Hacks to Boost your Website

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Psychology Hacks to Boost your Website

There’s a lot of subtlety that goes into great web building and web design.

But it’s important subtlety, with strong psychology to back it up. 

That’s why our website experts at Axel & Associates are back with more Pro Tips & Tricks to make your site as strong as possible! 

First: build off you strengths. Take note of your own website data and see which tabs and features are most popular. We’ve touched on this before and its a great way to use information that, unlike most online marketing data, isn’t looking at overall trends but rather is pinpointed specifically to your business. Make sure to prioritize these areas and make them the easiest to find and use. 

Then: go to the other extreme and look at what is performing the worst. This is rooted in the idea of using what works and lightening the load of whatever may be slowing your operation down. To do this on your website, we recommend that you regularly look for the weakest links in your user experience and trim/revamp them. Go tab-by-tab and make sure everything looks good, is free of typos and mistakes, and that all you links work. Briefness and clarity are the general rules of thumb to aim for everywhere on your site.

Finally: Attach images with your social proof. Many business websites these days have impressive quotes endorsing their products/services, which is why we now almost take them for grated. Endorsements, recommendations, and positive reviews are called “social proof” and are very helpful in business due to the psychology behind how the actions of others (especially in group settings) influences individuals, even virtually. 

By including people along with quotes and brand logos along with company names, it amplifies this and makes it all more authentic and convincing for visitors. Basically, it attaches a face with a name and anchors in that you are a real business with a real record of achievement. 

Stay tuned for more Web Design tips, tricks, ideas, and strategies from Axel and Associates!

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