Remarketing Tips To Grow Your Returns: Part 2

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Remarketing Tips To Grow Your Returns: Part 2

Remarketing” is one of the best strategies your business can bring to its tool belt.

Fortunately, there are many great options to apply it to, and our Axel marketing experts are back to share more of them with you…

4 Solid Remarketing Pro Tips

Pro Tip #1: Remarket in every outlet.

Google Ads and your website are not the ways to revisit the ones that got away. Also be sure to maximize remarketing features on social media. Facebook is particularly insightful in its offerings, and also carries the largest reach of all social media platforms, so it is a must. Another important option to use is Email marketing. Emails are not only for newsletter, and they are especially effective with a very high return on investment for your remarketing budget.

Pro Tip #2: Prioritize fresh hits.

In order to reap the full benefits of remarketing, timing is key. The biggest advantage to the remarketing approach is that you already know that your target audience has seen your brand before.
However, we also know they have busy lives and are being constantly bombarded with other ads. For your remarketing ad to have a real chance, its essential to follow-up with your audience within certain windows of time.

The ideal timeframe is within 30 days of a purchase (even less if they haven’t made a purchase). Those who went as far as making a purchase (as opposed to just browsing) are already more likely to remember you brand. Those one-time purchase customers can even be effectively re-targeted for up to 90 days after their purchase, however the returns fall off after that, making it not worth any of your marketing budget.

Pro Tip #3: Segment.

While you assemble your retargeting lists, make sure to segment your audience as much as possible. Remember that an audience is more than a pool of uniform people, they are layered and multi-faceted. Here are some factors to consider segmenting your lists by: the product/service, regular vs. irregular customers, and timeframe from purchase or visit (see Pro Tip #2). Two other great target groups are those who added something to their cart but didn’t purchase, and those who have made previous purchases.

As we’ve discussed, as a good rule of thumb, the more that an audience sees your product or brand and becomes familiar with it, the more likely they are to make a purchase. This is because brand familiarity makes a purchase seem less risky. You can also get sophisticated in using behavior. For example: as a guideline, consider separating those with only causal interest from those who have dug deeper into more parts of your website/e-store, and those who spend more on the pages they visit.

Pro Tip #4: Test and experiment.

Experimentation is an important part of all marketing. When you follow cookie-cutter approach, you risk blending in with everyone else who has the same cookie-cutter! The best way to experiment is to look for trends in your results and continually adjust for what works, and minimize what doesn’t. For example, if you are seeing a trend of several visitors repeatedly looking at certain products or keeping this products in their cart, try offering them a flash sale. You can then play with several elements of that sale, like the percentage your cutting. You can also experiment with offering free shipping as opposed to a flash sale offer, and see which of the two does a better job of converting into completed sales. In every scenario, remember to track you results and use them to inform your future experiments.

Covering these bases will make a big dent in converting previous visitors and one-time customers into repeat customers, especially over time.

Stay tuned for more marketing tips, tricks, and strategies from the advertising specialists at Axel & Associates!

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