SEO Tips on Content Length

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SEO Tips on Content Length

One of the big debates when it comes to building web content is over length.

This is a tricky one because there are competing benefits to both long and short content, and finding a midpoint “Goldilocks” sweet spot is elusive and depends on many factors depending on your market.

Nevertheless, it’s important to keep some guidelines in mind when you go about creating web content when deciding the best move for your business’s SEO and web presence.

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SEO Length Best Practices and Guidelines

First: Think of what people are searching and how your content fits their expectations.

For example: people searching “do’s and don’ts”, “how to…” and “tips for… ” are not necessarily looking for the same things, and the appropriate length may very depending on that.

Going Long: writing longer content can help with short-term SEO goals by giving you more space to mention keywords and phrases.

However, these might ultimately be only superficial gains unless you are delivering value. People know fairly quickly if a piece is answering what they’re searching for, and if it isn’t they’ll simply bounce back to Google and keep searching.

Short, Sweet, and Simple: A more concise page that clearly addresses the issue(s) relating to their search will go much further to building trust in your brand — and eventually converting into a customer — than a long, meandering post that trying to cover every SEO base. People know when they’re reading a formulated post.

  • Bottom line: Delivering relevant value in all your content should be your first priority and will deliver more gains even in short content than overblown pages and posts. Build everything out from there once you address your audience’s interests and needs.

A Bonus Tip for Balance: If you do decide to go for long content, such as for a detailed FAQ page, make it as user friendly as possible. One great way to do this is by using jump links to help them get to the parts that are most relevant to them and back links to other relevant parts of your site that expand on those FAQ points in more detail.

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