How To Market Your Business During COVID-19: Setting Marketing Priorities

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How To Market Your Business During COVID-19

How To Market Your Business During COVID-19: Setting Marketing Priorities

Due to the response we received from last week’s COVID-19 marketing tips, our team decided it would be of the most value to offer this as a recurring feature on our free marketing blog. We’re glad this is getting seen and hopefully helping businesses every do their best to position themselves for success during the Covid era. With that in mind, here’s our second installment of the Axel Covid marketing tips.

Setting Marketing Priorities During COVID-19

When volatility is high, as with COVID-19, every business needs to take a moment to think about the constants. That includes deciding what your priorities are for the next year or so to drive your success, and then committing them. This is a time for assessing what your financial foundations are, how to strengthen them, and where your best growth potential is. While these priorities will vary widely between businesses and industries, one constant priority across the board is that marketing is more important now than ever before in order to reach new clients in an effective and targeted way to supplement as expand your business revenue. That’s especially true of online marketing. If your business doesn’t have a marketing budget, it’s crucial to assess how much you can reasonably afford to spend in order to start one. Effective marketing with disciplined budgets, campaigns, and targets is key to how you will grow during the Covid pandemic.

On the same token: this is not the time to cut marketing budgets. Those companies, large and small, that are choosing to do so now in order to reduce overall costs are essentially doing the equivalent of trying to win a boat race by dumping their propeller and using oars to lighten the load. The better option is to rethink and revamp how you’re spending your marketing budget. Fortunately there are a range of options to spend more efficiently – and effectively.

While traditional media still has its uses, online campaigns need to be the priority during Covid. They will not only keep your business afloat but help you thrive in this race out of the Covid wilderness. Social media, for example, is much more important these days, as is SEO, and other paid online advertising like Google ads. Online ads are very affordable and go a long way when applied with a strong, informed plan. For context: depending on your ad campaign, you can reach the same number of people as a television commercial and spend less than 10% of the cost… and often even less. The doors it opens for even the smallest of small businesses is incredible and should be tapped into in an informed way.

Of course, immediate results aren’t guaranteed and the magic is in the details of how you execute your ad campaign. However, during COVID-19 more people are online than ever before, so your ads will reach more eyes, meaning higher return on investment down the line. So the timing for a sophisticated digital marketing campaign has never been better in terms of increased value for the same service.

Stay tuned for more COVID-19 marketing tips and strategies for how to maximize your marketing budget and position yourself for success.

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