Social Media Marketing

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Axel & Associates Makes Your Social Media Profitable.


Our team of professionals will make sure your company's social media marketing budget is well spent and turns a profit. Here's How:

We start by determining how many of your customers and potential customers are actually using social media to find the types of products and services you offer. We present you with a report and personally review it with you.


Based on the information we gather, we develop two social media marketing strategies for you. The first strategy is designed to retain your existing customer base. The second strategy is designed to attract new customers for your products and/or services.


Axel & Associates will then create and/or manage your social media accounts. To whatever extent possible all social media accounts are customized to reflect your company's unique brand.


The results of all social media activities are tracked so they can be attributed to revenue. We will review these results with you at our regularly scheduled meetings. Based on the results of each campaign we will continue to develop new social media strategies that generate and maximize revenue.

When you are ready to turn social media into a real source of revenue for your business, give us a call at (866) DAVIDAXEL for a free consultation.

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