The Axel SEO Tips #1 – How to Improve Google Search Ranking

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The Axel SEO Tips #1 – How to Improve Google Search Ranking

When it comes to maximizing your brand’s online presence, SEO is king. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) primes your website from the ground up to reach potential clients as easily and efficiently as possible in a number of ways, some basic and some highly sophisticated. Think of it as mastering the language of the internet so that Google, Yahoo, and Bing bring relevant people to your site as they’re online looking for exactly what your business does. The goal is that they land on you and are sold before they get to your competition. While we know it can be overwhelming to learn the intricate details of SEO on your own, there are still some basic steps you can take before bringing in the marketing experts and specialists. That’s why our team at Axel & Associates is providing regular and easy tips to help your business begin to improve your online standing today. . .

3 SEO Tips to Boost Your SEO

Second: use internal links within your website. This creates a system that guides visitors to other relevant and informative parts of your site, like previous blog posts on related or highly-searched topics or previous media on the subject that builds trust in your brand. Try not to over-do the use of internal links (stick to maybe a couple or so) and make sure they’re relevant to what is discussed on that particular page.

Lastly, build-in engagement opportunities on your site. There are many ways to do this, but a popular one to consider is a comments section. This not only allows visitors to share their thoughts, but also ask questions that you can respond to. You can also include portals to social media and a “Contact Us” section that makes it easy for visitors to reach you.

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