The Psychology of Strong Web Design: Part 2

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The Psychology of Strong Web Design: Part 2

In our last post we explained the psychological foundations for why web design works the way it does.

We also gave some solid Pro Tips for how to use these guidelines to design effective websites.

Here’s more expert advice from the Axel & Associates web design team!

How to Build A Strong Website

First, to recap from our last post, remember to always make sure each part of your website is visually clear (and not cluttered), has a single direct message, and is in line with the user experience expectations a visitor will have.

Here is a quick-list of some practical, concrete steps you can take to ensure your site meets this standard. . . 

This is what the top of your website should look like: 

  • Your company/band logo should always be on the top left of the screen.
  • Your Signup (for email lists or any login user account services) should be in the top right.
  • The top-middle area between them is where your website tabs and navigation should be. 

These are all part of well-established online user experience foundations that have been in place now for many years. The psychology behind sticking to these golden rules (and others we’ll share with you in future posts) is rooted in a principle called Jakob’s Law. Jakob’s Law basically has one core message: Don’t reinvent the wheel. It’s suggests instead to work off of the user’s general familiarity with this framework and make your user experience as intuitive and easy for them as possible. 

This reduces the obstacles to not only their navigating your website on a practical level, but also in trusting and connecting with your brand on a psychological one. In short, it eases to obstacles to their understanding of your products and services. 

Stay tuned for more Web Design Pro Tips and Tricks from Axel & Associates!

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