The Axel SEO Tips #4: Think Like an SEO Expert

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8 SEO Optimization Tips and tricks

The Axel SEO Tips #4: Think Like an SEO Expert

For this installment of the Axel SEO Tips, we wanted to focus on offering some free and easy suggestions to improve your business’s Search Engine Optimization.

Many of these tips will build off previous tips we’ve given and go further to help train you to think like an SEO expert.

This is because what is even more important than the individual tips is the general way of thinking that SEO trains you into applying with discipline. This will help you reframe how you go about interacting as a brand with the digital world so that all your output and digital presence feeds your brand and improves its standing. When you do, SEO becomes less of an intimidating wall of terms and systems and more like a language that you’ve mastered — and it is! It’s the language of internet search engines, and as a soon-to-be-fluent speaker you can make it work for you. . .

Our first tip is to maximize your Google My Business account on Google. Following the easy steps will include setting your business category, business type, and business hours. It will also give you the opportunity to include photos and respond to reviews on your business’s services. Likewise, it will also be a way to engage regular, loyal customers or clients and encourage them to leave more reviews, which will help ensure you have as many publicly visible positive reviews on Google and other review sites as possible. Having a thoroughly completed Google business account greatly improves the overall digital branding of your business and increases legitimacy. 

Eight SEO Optimization Tips

Next: Regularly churn out creative content on your website related to your business or industry. This allows you to research and integrate popular and trending SEO keywords as well as the solidly reliable ones to your field. As a general rule of thumb that also makes intuitive sense, consider what your potential clients or customers would be interested in searching or knowing about your field and then address that with original content – and the right keywords… Bonus tip: there are many SEO keyword generators out there to use, some of them are even free! If you’re not hiring a marketing or SEO service to work with you on this, it would be your best bet to find a free keyword generator that works for you. This might take a bit of trial and error, but research is an important part of understanding and maximizing SEO for your business. You can always start with Google Trends. Bonus tip #2: As you create solid content laced with industry-related SEO keywords, also be sure to integrate relevant sub-topics into your content that your audience will also be interested in. These should not distract from the main content topics, but rather add value to their searching experience. 

Always include images. Rather than just keeping the automated file names, retitle those images something more relevant to the subject matter. Bonus tip: remember that you can also caption your images. On this same line of thinking, make sure all your URLs are concise and related to what people would be searching, this will also up your SEO game, especially as you include internal links from different pages of your website or related media. Bonus tip #2: avoid including anything in the title or URL of your content that would be difficult to update if parts of your page need to change for whatever reason. So even things like links and images offer more SEO opportunities to bring relevant eyes to your website content. This goes back to what we said at the start: our team wants to encourage you to go beyond seeing SEO as a cookie-cutter system of keywords. Instead, we want you to see this more like a way of thinking where you take advantage of various opportunities to plug in relevant terms with what you’re already doing.

But at the end of the day, substance matters. Whether it’s in how you market and describe your business or the keywords you strategically cram into all your content online, if all this does not accurately reflect your brand then you won’t hold the attention – or business – of your new website visitors. Therefore, it’s essential to look beyond SEO and into the big picture of why we use it: to bring relevant customers that are a good fit for your business. So we recommend you make sure that you are crafting quality substance that accurately reflects what your business can deliver to a high standard. This helps ensure that these new potential customers and clients best connect with the content you’re creating and even become loyal to your brand in the long term.

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