Three Key Post-COVID Marketing Pro Tips

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Three Key Post-COVID Marketing Pro Tips

The time has arrived to begin talking — and planning — COVID-19 transition plans.

After months of lockdowns and digital operations, here are Three more helpful Pro Tips and ideas from the Axel & Associates Marketing Specialists to help you navigate this period . . .

First: Cater directly to your customers’ current COVID-19 concerns. During this period of transition, take the time to get to know what your customers are most worried or confused about, especially as it relates to your industry.

You can learn these concerns by offering a simple survey with a few yes/no options and one or two write-in responses to let them go into detail. We recommend tying in responses with an incentive like a discount code to improve your response rate.

Once you have your responses, craft your messaging around that crucial data. All your business’s messaging during this time across your blogs, ads, newsletters, social media and so on, should be addressing these concerns directly and indirectly.

Second: Offer Targeted Exclusive offers. As the economy continues to pick up speed, your business should seize the opportunity to offer anything that will encourage people to give your brand a try. Consider offering flash sales, giveaways, and more to appeal a “why not?” attitude as more people have increased disposable income in the months ahead. See each promotion as an opportunity to grow your clientele in specific, targeted sub-segments that you see growth opportunities in.

Third: Be selective with where you advertise online. Though tempting, it would ultimately be a waste of your resources to market across the board to every social media site and search engine. Instead, consider your industry and your customers, then consider which two or three outlets are the best fit. However, if one is a clear front runner of activity for your target audience, it would be best to just focus on that one entirely to ensure your marketing budget is being used most efficiently and effectively. Remember to refer back to the data you collected from Tip #1!

Stay tuned for more COVID transition-themed business and marketing tips from the Axel and Associates Marketing and PR experts.

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