Three Key SEO Tips

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Three Key SEO Tips

Our specialists and experts at Axel & Associates are always happy to offer free pro tips and tricks to help businesses of all all sizes improve their standing during these tough times.

That’s why we roll out this blog as well as free one-to-one consultations to best ensure you’re in the best position to grow online going forward this year. 

On that note, here are three more SEO Tips to help your website stand out from the pack of your competitors. . . 

First: Create online profiles on various sites. We always recommend starting with setting up your Google My Business profile, which is free, easy to find, and helps organize relevant information about your business online. After that, think of some online networks for your field. Are you part of your local chamber of commerce, are you on any review sites or social media platforms? The more presence you have on relevant pages, the easier it is for potential customers to find your business and come away with a positive impression of it.

Second: Promote your original content with ads. We often discuss the importance of original online content and making sure that content is made with SEO principles in mind. Because it’s original, it’s inherently something your competitors don’t have! But that isn’t the sole end-all-be-all Golden Ticket to SEO success for your website. It often takes time to build an audience that will see your original content, so make sure that content is being regularly dispersed to your online network via social media and email. Another key component is to expand that audience with targeted online ads. Two strong options to consider for promoting your original content (in front of the right audiences) are social media ads and Pay Per Click ads. This will help strengthen the virtual inroads your content is making online. 

Third: Make sure your website has all the necessary pages. This is not only important for SEO, but also for good web building and web design. For example, our team strongly recommends that your site has an extensive and orderly FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page and online store/eCommerce platform (if you sell products). Your store should also be more than just a basic row of products. Our specialists always strongly encourage our clients to have clean and orderly shops with product categories. Product categories will help sort related products by type and increase the likelihood of holding customer’s attention and the odds of buying more than one product. 

All of this contributes to your overall SEO success in attracting the right online audience with the highest likelihood of becoming future converted clients and customers.

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