Top Pro Tips For A Popular Blog

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Top Pro Tips For A Popular Blog

On our last blog, we shared some benefits and great tips for laying the groundwork for a popular blog.

Now the Axel & Associates digital marketing and creative content experts are back with more tips to supercharge your blog and set them for success! 

5 Pro Tips For Running A Successful Blog

Tip #1: Share Common Mistakes. When running an industry-specific business blog, it’s a good idea to anticipate where a lot of people go wrong. This leads to search online and find solutions. By sharing common mistakes, you can help your readers get ahead of their issues and prevent them in the future. 

  • Bonus Tip: You can also use these as an opportunity to add a human touch to your brand by either sharing your own mistakes or sharing case study examples with previous (unnamed) clients!

Tip #2: Use Lists. Lists, like bullet points, are a great way to boil things down to the basics in an easy-to-read and easy-to-digest way. However, numbered lists have the added benefit of being more memorable because they tell you exactly how far along the reader is on the list and can therefore help better pinpoint specifics! 

  • Bonus Tip: when blogging, it helps to group lists by similar themes that are relevant to what readers would be searching for! 

Tip #3: Use statistics. Statistics are an excellent way to ground any point you are making by giving a concrete figure to substantiate it. Of course, the best statistics to use are those that have the most impact, so it’s best to only use them when they have a “wow factor,” otherwise they are a peripheral distraction that doesn’t help hook your audience. 

Tip #4: Offer both broad strategies and specific ideas. Strategies help teach your readers ways of thinking while ideas will help them improve on specific points and issues. Of course, these should be related to your industry and improve your own experience in some way, which adds value for your own business and builds your brand authority.

Tip #5: Give Q&As. Questions and Answer blogs are an excellent way to pin-point specific issues blog readers may have. You can compile these from previous experience or even make it an interactive opportunity by allowing readers to submit their questions in advance. The latter could provide you with enough material for a long-running blog series! Regardless of how you compile your questions, they also signal that your company is aware of and listening to its clients and customers. 

These five tips will set you on the right course and lay the foundation for a helpful, informative, and engaging blog that enhances your whole business brand.

Stay tuned for more successful blog Pro Tips from Axel and Associates!

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