21st Century Public Relations

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21st Century Public Relations

“Public Relations” can seem like a lofty concept, but PR isn’t only for multinational corporations with budgets for a full PR department.

The last 20+ years have been absolutely transformative to the Public Relations industry, growing beyond the spectrum of press releases and press conferences.

Here’s a breakdown on understanding PR in the 21st Century from the specialists and experts at Axel & Associates. . . 

3 Public Relation Tips

First, let’s unpack what PR actually is. Though often misunderstood, Public Relations is, simply put, the relationship between your business and the public. It is also how your business is seen by the rest of the world. It’s a dynamic relationship with many moving parts and variables.

Now let’s run through some of the factors that impact PR. Unfortunately, maintaining a good Public Relations standing is no longer only a matter of doing your job well. PR specialists have to keep a close eye on general current events as well as events specifically within your industry and work out how that impacts your business.

Most businesses only become aware of PR when another business becomes the victim of a “PR disaster.” When a situation devolves to that point, usually the core issue is the lack of disciplined, informed, and coherent message control. PR specialists develop and execute good message control through established relationships with media and the language your business uses across all its platforms.

Another essential component of modern PR is how you use the internet. That means not only your website content but also your social media accounts, online reviews, search results, and more. This ties in closely with modern Reputation Management efforts. 

All of this is part of the public record and therefore shapes public opinion of your business and your brand. In a time when all news — good or bad — can instantly go viral and blindside any company, it’s extremely important to understand exactly how your business is positioned to shape public perception and its brand reputation. This not only helps protect your brand in difficult times but also to best promote it and generate the positive publicity that puts you ahead of your competitors and grows your revenue.

Stay tuned for more informative posts on modern PR, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, and more from our team at Axel and Associates!

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