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Reputation Management: Protect Your Good Name

Reputation Management was once a relatively simple thing. Remember the days when your reputation and/or your company's reputation was easy to manage? As long as you did a good job providing your products and services, that was all you had to worry about. If your customers were happy, your good reputation was safe and intact. Well unfortunately, those days are long gone.

The internet has transformed your online business reputation into a world-wide issue that can be exceedingly difficult to manage. Prior to the internet, filing a complaint was a time-consuming endeavor for a customer. They would have had to write a letter or make a phone call and figure out who to contact. Once you did all that, the complaint would only be viewed by a limited number of people. Most times, there would not even be a response. Today complaints can be filed in minutes and will be seen across the globe. There are many review sites out there nowadays, many of which seem intent on destroying businesses. The internet has also made it easy for competitors to sabotage your reputation by purposely posting negative information, true or not, about you and your company.

Axel & Associates goes beyond other companies

What makes our reputation management services different is that we do not stop after simply posting content on the internet. At a high-level, our reputation management process works as follows:

First, we find any and all negative information available about you and/or your company on the internet. We compile this information into a report which we review with you personally.

Next, we eliminate the impact of this negative material by using proprietary software and processes that allow us to remove, hide or otherwise quash the impact of the negative content.

While most reputation management companies would stop here, Axel & Associates is just getting started! Our company has partnered with several law firms which allows us to continue to fight for your reputation. Our team is with you every step of the way so you are never left alone to battle it out. We take your reputation very seriously, and so should you. We offer a money back guarantee on our work, so if you don’t like the service, it’s on the house! Call us today to hear more about what we do for your business specifically.

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