Boosting Website Performance: The Importance of Focus

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Boosting Website Performance: The Importance of Focus

Web building and web design can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re not seeing results.

Rest assured that there’s a lot of small, easy, but important steps you can take that will have a big impact on how your website performs. 

That’s why we’re back with more free Pro Tips, Tricks, and Hacks from our web design experts at Axel & Associates to help your site convert visitors into customers! 

Let’s discuss ways to sharpen your website’s focus. 

3 Tips to Increase Website Performance

First: Don’t overwhelm with choices. Have a few very solid offerings and present them in a clear way for viewers. While it seems counter-intuitive when you present too many choices it actually hurts your user experience and reduces the chances that a purchase will take place. Instead, they’re more likely to get frustrated and look somewhere else. This is why it is important to have a clear idea of your client base and what they are looking for — and then craft your offerings to that core base. 

  • Bonus tip: Its also important to say that this doesn’t mean offering variety is bad. However, we recommend to have one customizable option for a product, rather than ten versions of a single product that would have to be searched up or listed separately. 

Second: Have one offer per landing page. Landing pages are a key part of successful online marketing as they give you a golden opportunity to refine and fine-tune the user experience of visitors to specific offers and interests. They are often linked to online and social media ads to support a particular offer or new product. However, for this to work, you need to be very purposeful in how you design and present your landing pages. In other words, this isn’t the place for generalized and catch-all offers, but rather a single offer geared toward a specific audience that is most likely to respond to it. It should look and feel catered. 

Third: Make sure you have a singular visual focus point of every page. Even if your working is clear and concise, your landing pages stick to a single offer, and your products are reasonable in their choices offered — your page can still fall flat. In the hyper-digitalized lifestyle we now live in, visuals matter just as much as words. At their best, images and multimedia can strongly support and even enhance the message of your page, but they can also detract. Be sure not to make your visuals too busy or not in clear alignment with the substance of your website and webpages. 

In other words, be sure to apply the same principles of singular focus we’ve shared in our other tips with your imagery. Remember: your main visual point shouldn’t get lost in the background and needs to tie-in clearly to the subject of the overall page. 

Stay tuned for more Web Design tips, tricks, ideas, and strategies from Axel & Associates!

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