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We live in an image-obsessed era. These days, even if you are using an all-hands-on-deck approach with a full tool belt of a fully-equipped website, social media, online ads, and more, you may still not be seeing the results you want. As marketing, branding, and PR specialists, we are able to look through the waves of activity across all the outlets and see what really matters. We can see critical patterns and data that can make-or-break success both online and on the ground. One of the most important things we’ve learned is the importance of multimedia.

Especially now with COVID, our digitally-driven society won’t even look at a an announcement or post unless it has a picture, video, or graphic of some kind. This is has become so crucial that several years ago we expanded our services here at Axel & Associates to include a full range of photography and videography services in Lake Mary, FL. We now offer an impressive selection of media that can be used for anything from high-quality recordings for events, professional headshots for your entire team, testimonials, demos, innovative personalized video announcements, or even drone-shot arial tours in Lake Mary... We have done it all and have an extensive multimedia portfolio to show for it. In fact, we invite you check out our online multimedia portfolio on our website to get a sample of our team’s capabilities.

Of course, being the big picture and results-oriented team that we are, we also go beyond just capturing and recoding media for our clients. With our strong marketing background, we also have a keen eye for the perfect shot or best angle. We are happy to consult with clients and lean on our expertise of how to best execute a session to achieve your goals. After a shoot in wrapped, we also bring top-notch editing software to the table to ensure stunning and smooth results that can include music, text, animation or any other desired effects.

So whether you need multimedia material produced for your website , social media , PPC/AdWords, training material, events, or any other needs, we are more than happy to offer these services at affordable rates. As with all our other digital marketing services at Axel & Associates, the entire multimedia and editing process is done in-house to maintain high quality and seamless collaboration between our various specialists and of course our clients to produce a perfect final product that is ready to use.

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