What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

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What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

Here’s a quick introduction to another tool in the digital marketing belt that can help your business generate website traffic and new leads. 

So lets break down the basics and introduce you to how it works. . . 

Learn The Basics of PPC Advertising

We’ve all heard of Pay Per View, but what’s Pay Per Click Advertising?PPC” is a form of digital marketing where your business runs an ad through a search engine (the most popular, of course, being Google). To do that your business first needs to set up an advertising account with the search engine you’re choosing to run PPC ads with. Once set up, you then choose an amount that you want to spent on the PPC campaign. The way that figure works is different than most marketing budgets. Usually there’s a degree of (educated) guesswork with marketing budgets that are based on estimated and projected visibility and actions based on a number of factors. But not here. PPC marketing is unique from all the other marketing tools in that you have much more control and certainty over the effectiveness of the ad. That’s because, as the name suggests, you’re only paying when someone actually clicks on your ad, rather than having your ad float around and hope to be clicked (as is the case with most other marketing forms). This is why at Axel & Associates we like it call PPC marketing your most efficient digital marketing tool. 

In addition to maximizing your budget, these clicks then take your visitor to your website. We always recommend linking to a landing page catered specifically for the ad rather than simply leading to your website homepage. This gives you further control of the visitor’s journey and helps you further refine and target to their needs. However, as the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. The same applies to PPC traffic. That’s why we want to be very purposeful and strategic with how we frame it so that we get high-quality clicks that are more likely to be relevant and therefore customers or clients down the road. Otherwise, they’ll just see your website, know it’s not for them, and bounce back to searching for other things. In other words, your short-term boost in web traffic will be an on-paper success but will have nothing to show for it. A high bounce rate also has a negative effect on SEO ranking.

So while you have a higher degree of certainty over how your budget is being used with PPC, there are still variables out there that can be narrowed with applied experience and research. This includes the wording you use and what phrasing and keywords you choose to target your PPC ad to. 

When used correctly, PPC marketing can be an excitingly effective marketing tool. Stay tuned for more information and some tips and strategies on how to better utilize PPC advertising to not only increase your web traffic, but to bring in quality clicks. 

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